Please add what your school will be using on iPhone/iTouch devices in your classroom or school:

UCFSD - Elementary Schools

Our elementary schools (grades 4-5) will be using 4 iTouch devices per school and these apps:


Coin Math $1.99 – Identify coins, add up coins, select coins to pay a bill
Pop Math $0.99 – practice basic math facts {+,-,÷,x}
Kids Math Fun~First Grade $1.99 – Addition and Subtraction skills, 5-100 problems, can be set against timer
Match ‘em up – Math $0.99 – More basic math skills
Math Races $0.99 - practice basic math facts {+,-,÷,x}, 6 levels per skill, ages 4&up,


Word Magic $0.99 – Fill in missing letter or letters for words, upper case or lower case
ABC Words $0.99 – word recognition/scramble with visual cues
Letter Tracer writing practice $0.99 – letter shapes that let students trace with their finger
ABC PocketPhonics $1.99 – Letter Sounds, Letter Writing, Word Game looks good
iWriteWords $0.99 – Tracing game, trace letters, start to write words
ABC Memory Match $0.99 – upper and lower case letters, spoken letters
Apple Tree $1.99 – Hangman like game for kids. Goal to guess letters/word before all the apples fall from the tree.

Grade level word lists!!!!!!

A 1st Grade tutor $0.99 – Looks interesting
ABC Animals $2.99 Letter tracing with animal pictures
Dolch Sight Words 1st grade $0.99 - Has the 1st grade set of 41 words
Learn to Read $1.99 – sight words practice (k-2)
WordCatch $0.99 – use letters to create words to clear the board


Pencil Pusher $1.99 – drawing utility
Elementary School Trivia $0.99 – general trivia for 1st grade
Find It! $1.99 – shapes, colors, fruits, and letters in English and/or spanish